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Mastey SuperPac Intensive Reconstructor (8)

Mastey SuperPac Intensive Reconstructor (8)
Manufacturer: Mastey

Mastey Superpac Intensive Reconstructor penetrates the inner structure because of small molecular weight and size. Contains no oils, waxes, dyes, silicones, propylene glycol or ingredients to weigh down, coat the hair or interfere with your services. Rebuilds strength and elasticity to severely damaged hair. Contains no surfactants at all, and no sodium/ammonium lauryl sulfates.

Superpac is the ultimate deep reconstructor to repair and strengthen damaged hair. Fortifies and restructures worn out lengths with natural rice protein reinforced with cystein.


Repairs hair that?셲 prone to splitting and breaking. Hair rediscovers a natural bounce, elasticity and resistance that only real reconstruction can provide. Hair looks and feels stronger, healthier and shinier. Oil, dye and animal by-product free.

Basic Superpac reconstructs damaged hair, rebuilding and reinforcing the hair?셲 protein chains. Basic Superpac enables hair to retain its elasticity and structural integrity with newfound bounce and resilience.

Basic Superpac was designed with the stylist?셲 needs in mind. It has no ingredients that will interfere with salon services, nor will it impede your analysis of hair prior to chemical services.

Hair Keratin Proteins are essential to the structure of the hair. Keratin (hair protein) is made up of protein fibers, which are simply chains of amino acids. Damaged hair is hair that is missing one or more of the amino acids in the chain, sort of like a chain missing a link. The result is dull, frizzy, damaged, and even broken hair.

Chemical services, such as coloring and perming, work directly on the protein chains in the hair. All hair that is permed or colored needs regular treatments of Basic Superpac to restore the needed amino acids that maintain healthy hair, keep color rich and fresh, maintain curl retention, and improve the manageability, shine, strength and structural integrity of hair.

8 fl. oz