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Mastey Frehair daily detangler for normal to dry hair (32)

Mastey Frehair daily detangler for normal to dry hair (32)
Manufacturer: Mastey

Mastey Frehair Daily Detangler contains the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to replenish natural moisture. Leaves hair tangle-free without weighing it down. Eliminates static electricity and fly-away hair. Contains no oils, waxes or dyes. No balsam or propylene glycol. Will not build-up on the hair. Restores natural moisture balance. Gives hair incredible combability with natural shine and health. Eliminates static by interaction with the negative charges in the hair that cause static. Leaves hair with appropriate wetness and combability for in-salon cutting and styling.


Frehair instantly eliminates tangles. Its lightweight texturizing system controls flyaway hair and eliminates static. Smoothes and softens to leaves hair manageable, shiny and ready for easy combing, brushing and styling. Vitamins A, B5 & C, lipids, rice protein and minerals provide comprehensive replenishment for proper nutrient and moisture balance. With Anti-Oxidants to maximize the life of hair color.

Penetrates deep inside the hair where it revitalizes by replacing the needed Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Increases hair elasticity, and returns the shine, manageablilty and feel to hair hair lost through shampooing, thermal styling, chemical services and the environment.

Many hair and skin moisturizers use glycerine and propylene glycol as the basic ingredients. Unfortunately, while they may help bring moisture to the upper layers of skin, this is at the expense of the deeper skin tissue.

Glycerine has been shown to actually deplete moisture from the hair and skin when in dry climates, such as in the Southwest of the USA, or in the salon or at home under the blow-drier. Propylene glycol is a solvent, which can be very damaging to hair and skin.

16 fl. oz