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Lanza Swim and Sun Daily UV Protector (5.1)

Lanza Swim and Sun Daily UV Protector (5.1) Discontinued product
Manufacturer: Lanza

Product Benefits
DAILY AND YEAR-ROUND USE: Use before and after exposure to harmful pool chemicals, saltwater, well water, hard water and harsh environmental factors.
HAIR PROTECTION FACTOR (HPF) 30: Formulated to defend against all 30 factors that cause dry, brittle hair.
MAXIMUM UV PROTECTION: First formula to protect hair against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
THERMAL PROTECTOR: Guards against heat degradation.
NEUTRALIZES: Renders chlorine and metals harmless on contact.
DETANGLES & PROTECTS: Instantly makes hair combable and protects from towel-drying damage.
HYDRATES: Restores vital moisture lost from exposure to damaging elements.
HEALS: Renews hair with Keratin Bond System 2??(see below).
REDUCES DRYING TIME: Special Water-Repelling Complex repels excess moisture so hair dries faster.
PRESERVES HAIRCOLOR: L?섲NZA?셲 exclusive KB2??healing action helps haircolor remain truer, longer.


Use before and after exposure to sun, heat, chlorine, metals and salt, by applying to dry or damp hair. Leave-in.


Key Ingredients
KERATIN BOND SYSTEM 2: Exclusive healing system consists of Keratin Amino Acids, Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex and Moisture Retain Complex that renews hair from within to create health, softness and shine.
PHYTIC ACID: Natural chelating agent derived from rice that incapacitates unwanted minerals and heavy metals, including copper and iron that cause hair discoloration. Gentler and more effective than synthetic EDTA.
ACTIVE VITAMIN C COMPLEX: Biologically enhanced active form of Vitamin C combined with silcon for faster delivery into the hair to fully neutralize chlorine.
ANTI-POLLUTION COMPLEX: Unique ingredient combination that chelates and forms a protective barrier that binds to the hair to neutralize harmful pollution and ozone.
WATER-REPELLING COMPLEX: Microscopic particles of silicone penetrate into the hair to force excess water out, effectively repelling damaging elements from entering the hair structure. Helps reduce hair?셲 drying time.
CACTUS FLOWER EXTRACT: Natural thermal barrier protects the hair from intense heat.
SEAWEED: A protective barrier from water pollutants. Provides moisture and softness.
KUKUI NUT OIL: Deep penetrating emollient rich in essential fatty acids (EFA's). Delivers soothing protection and hydration.

5.1 fl. oz