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Kamasutra Sweet Heart Strawberry

Kamasutra Sweet Heart Strawberry
Manufacturer: Kamasutra


This heart shaped gift box is bursting with strawberry flavored treats specifically formulated to sweeten intimate encounters. Make your partner feel sensual with a Strawberry Creme Body Souffle massage, indulge your artistic muse with decadent White Chocolate Lover's Body Paint and sweeten desire with a sprinkling of Strawberry Dreams flavored Honey Dust.


Strawberry Crème Brülèe Body Soufflé, White Chocolate Body Paint with a supple body paintbrush, Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust with feather applicator HOW TO USE Body Paint: Dip the paintbrush or your fingers into the rich chocolate body paint. Create your masterpiece on your lover's body and then enjoy the sweet taste of their skin. Body Soufflè: Massage your flavor of choice into a lover's skin. Follow the massage by lightly tracing your tongue across your lover's body, building desire and anticipation... Honey Dust: Lightly dip the feather into the Honey Dust and stroke the soft feather across your lover's body. This delicate body powder will leave the skin feeling soft, smelling fragrant and tasting delicious!