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Da Vinci Zero11 Worldwide Voltage

Da Vinci Zero11 Worldwide Voltage
Manufacturer: Da Vinci
Old price: $159.99
Price: $149.99


Black Nano Ceraminc Plates: Our black nano ceramic plates contain unique, secret ingredients that will give your hair a clean, revitalized shine. It smothes and refreshes hair and scalp. It will also eliminate frizz andeven reduce hair loss. This revolutionary Black Nano Ceramic Technology also enables you to create an unlimited range of styles, such as curling, waving and straightening hair using less heat and better outcomes.

Swivel Cord: The newly designed swivel cordwill allow you to avoid issueswith twistedor damaged chords Now you can style your hair easier and more freely. No more worries!

Temperature Control Panel: The iron hasdifferent heat settings with amazing heat options at your finger tips. There are three different temperatures you may style with. Those three temperatures will help you chose which is best foryour hair type. From thick hair to damaged hair, the nano will take care of your hair.

Sleep and Safety Mode: Da Vinci Zero 11 has an automated sleepmode which will automatically turn off the iron when itis not in use for thirty minutes. Another great featureto the Zero 11 is the overheated protection system. The overheated protection system will automatically turn off when the iron gets overheated.

RFID Chip: The New state-of-the-art RFID chip allows us to identify the iron with its own unique ID number. What this means is that we can monitor your iron and throughout its working life to ensure it's a genuine product of Da Vinci dealers. This technology is designed to protect you and your product from fraud or mis-selling. We have also included a Da Vinci hologram as proof of authenticity. If it has been tampered with or missing, please contact Da Vinci immediately.