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Da Vinci Hair Color (3.4fl. oz)

Da Vinci Hair Color
Manufacturer: Da Vinci
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FEATURES: Da Vinci Hair Color Natural Fashion Professional Permanent Color Nano Technology Jojoba Base Ion Colors

HOW TO USE: The method of applying Da Vinci Color is very simple. By following a few basic instructions you can achieve technically perfect results that will have a fantastic effect, even on hair that is usually considered very difficult to treat. Da Vinci must be used with stabilized hydrogen peroxide (creme developer) in a ratio of 1 part colouring cream +1 and 1/2 parts of oxidant . Da Vinci Color can also be used as a traditional hair dye, by following the classic method of dilution 1 + 1. It is then possible to boost the covering power to the maximum and at the same time give greater contrast to the nuances, whil keeping the glossy shine and exact shade of color you have chosen, perfectly intact.

SPECIFICATIONS: Nano and Jojoba Technology combines advanced color performance with an exclusive conditioning creme system for unsurpassed quality in permanaent hair color. Maximum results before and after the service Best Maintenance as time goes by Extreme brightness Intense highlights Long-lasting healthy looking color Complete, 100% gray coverage Protein balanced protection 3.4 fl. oz