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Da Vinci Creme Developer Semi

Da Vinci Creme Developer Semi
Manufacturer: Da Vinci
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Examples for which developer to use on non-gray hair.

Example for SEMI: Semi is non-lifting hydrogen peroxide. It only has 1% of hydrogen peroxide so it does not lift the hair but it only stays inside about 20% in to the cuticle and about 80% on the outside of cuticle. Which means that their will be 20% of deposit color and 80%of color will only stay outside of cuticle and about 80% of the color will fade out from the outside of cuticles and about 20% of the color will stay inside of the cuticle. When client’s wants to have same or dark as natural hair color. For example if the clients natural hair color is 7N and desire color is 7CR.Mix SEMI with color 7CR. Has no lifting and 1% of hydrogen peroxide.