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Andrea Tweezeless Wax Facial Hair Remover (1 oz)

Andrea Tweezeless Wax Facial Hair Remover (1 oz)
Manufacturer: Andrea
Removes facial hairs for weeks! Tweezeless Wax contains natural beeswax and has no ingredients harmful to normal skin.

A natural organic product with no unpleasant odors and no harsh chemicals that cause allergies or rashes.
No need for chemical depilatories, tweezers, or shaving that leaves nicks, cuts and stubble.
Tweezeless Wax is especially prepared for the removal of embarrassing facial hair.
It is completely odorless, and reduces hair re-growth.

Read instructions thoroughly before using.
Warm the wax over low heat until it has completely melted, then reduce heat keeping the wax liquid. Overheating may cause the wax lose its properties and become hard and brittle.
Test the temperature of the wax by applying a small amount to the ball of the thumb or inside of the wrist with the wooden spatula.
Thoroughly dry your skin by dusting area to be waxed with talcum powder.
For arching eyebrows:
Remove makeup and oil from brow area. Holding skin firm with fingertips, apply the wax with a wooden spatula under one brow, beginning at the bridge of the nose. Shape the natural brow line with a steady flow of the wax, toward the temple.
While the wax is still soft, gently press it down with your fingertips in the same direction as applied.
After 1 minute - hold the skin firmly and lift the end nearest the temple. With in the opposite direction than applied. Do the other eyebrow in the same manner.
For upper lip:
Note: Tweezeless Wax must be removed in opposite direction of hair growth otherwise hair will not be removed.
The upper lip should be treated in 3 stages.
Apply Tweezeless Wax in strips on either side of the mouth.
Repeat the process on the upper lip.
Do the same again for central area of the upper lip. Treat the sides of the face and chin in a similar way, a small area at a time.
Remove makeup and oils. Using a wooden spatula apply Tweezeless Wax in direction of hair growth.
While the wax is still soft, gently press Tweezeless Wax down with your fingertips in the same wax direction as applied. This will ensure better adhesion.
After 1 minute, while holding skin firmly with fingers, lift and quickly pull Tweezeless off in opposite direction of hair growth. Proceed with the other side using the same method.

1 OZ