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Andrea Shaping Strips For Eyebrows

Manufacturer: Andrea
A cold wax depilatory used to enhance and shape the browline without painful plucking or messy hot wax. Errors are minimized because Eyebrow Shaping Strips are pre-cut to fit any browline.

The professional method to strip off hair from any part of the body. Leaves your skin satiny, smooth and beautiful. Eyebrow Shaping Epilating Strips lift away undesirable hair in seconds, all the way to the roots. Simply press on and pull off. No need for tweezers, electrolysis or harsh creams. You get the same beautiful results as a professional salon waxing for 2 to 3 care-free weeks. The new hair comes in thinner, softer and sparser than you could have imaged, no more stubble!

Have smooth, long lasting, soft skin as easy as press on... peel off.

Read instructions thoroughly before using.
Helpful hints:
Always hold skin taut and pull with a fast backwards motion parallel to the skin. Hair must grow in for at least 21 days for best results after shaving. Any hair appearing in a week or so is not re-growth but hair that was too short or not visible for the previous application. Most shaping is done from the bottom of the brow. Wax left on the skin can be removed by using mineral spirits, baby oil, or Wesson Oil.

Warnings & Precautions:
Skin will turn pink after removal and will remain so overnight. With sensitive skin, do not use abrasives or hot water on area. Do not use if skin is sunburned, cut, chapped, over moles or warts and do not re-apply to same area in a 24 hour period.

21 Applications