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Andrea Extra Strength Creme Bleach (1.5 OZ)

Andrea Extra Strength Creme Bleach (1.5 OZ)
Manufacturer: Andrea
Andrea Extra Strength Creme Bleach for the Body is a year-round beauty-basic that gently, quickly and easily fades away dark, stubborn hair anywhere on the body. You will be left feeling soft and smooth all over.

Can be used year-round.
Quickly fades away dark hair.
Easy application.

Gently wash face with soap and cool water. Dry thoroughly. Squeeze 2 1/2 inch strip of Creme Bleach into mixing cup. Measure by squeezing the creme in a full circle once around the inside of the bottom rim of mixing cup. Cap tube tightly immediately. Squeeze Creme Activator into the same mixing cup making a semicircle on top of the Bleaching Creme in the cup. This gives the required proportion of 2 parts Bleach to 1 part activator. With spatula, blend the two cremes thoroughly with rapid strokes.
Using the spatula, apply mixture on area to be lightened. Make sure all hair is completely covered. Do not rub in. Bleaching time varies with each individual. Wait 10 minutes. Wash off small area with cool water to see if desired result is achieved. If hair is not lightened as much as desired, apply additional mixture to area tested. Wait 5 more minutes. Wash off thoroughly with cool water. Pat dry. Throw away unused mixture. Clean mixing cup and spatula in water. Cap tubes tightly. Store in cool, dry place.

1.5 OZ